B. Blazers

 B. is fashion blazer line based in NYC fully dedicated to empowering women and enhancing confidence to all who will rock it upon launching in Spring 2021.

Founder's Words

"NOTHING compares to seeing a vision come to life. Since I was a kid, I was a rebel, always going against the status quo and reaching for higher. In middle school at Holy Name, I was school president and I introduced hoodies exclusively to be worn by upperclassmen. That tradition has continued since 2005 into today. I always dreamed of creating a product that exudes confidence, passion and fierceness for women. The blazer is it. It is your armor to go out there and RUN SH*T LIKE THE BOSS THAT YOU ARE. It is all centered around empowerment. It is me in the form of a product."


- Pamela Bardhi

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